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Topics: Women's suffrage, Equal Rights Amendment, Women's rights Pages: 4 (971 words) Published: December 22, 2014
Saphara Jajey
Mr. Vaughan
U.S History
19 December 2014

In the 1920's women's roles were soon starting to change. After World War One it was called the "Jazz Age", known for new music and dancing styles. Both single and married women we earning higher- paying jobs. Women were much more than just staying home with their kids and doing house work. They become independent both financially and literally. Women also earned the right to vote in 1920 after the Nineteenth Amendment was adopted. They worked hard for the same or greater equality as men and while all this was going on they also brought out a new style known as the flapper. All this brought them much closer to their goal. In the 1920's the term flapper referred to a "new breed" of women. They wore short skirts and dresses which were straight and very loose. The arms were left bare and the waistline was dropped to the hips. By 1927 the length of the skirts had rose just below the knee which when they danced would be shown. The chests appeared to look very small and women would tape themselves to look even smaller. One of the big things with the flappers were that they smoked cigarettes through long holders and drank alcohol openly in public. They also started dating freely and danced all night long. Jazz music was rising in population and the flappers brought it out even more. Not all women changed into becoming a flapper, yet the little numbers impacted the 1920's in a huge way. Many women just adopted the style for the easy convenience when working. Margaret Sanger, was concerned about women who lacked knowledge of contraception, and then led the battle for birth control. She dealt with legal, religious, and societal barriers but soon made women think about accepting and using birth control. Many states modified divorce laws to protect women's rights. Women attended college and worked, but they still earned less money than men and were excluded from many management positions. During World War One...

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