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Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin Pages: 8 (989 words) Published: September 15, 2011
Here are the key dates, terms and essay questions for all material that will be covered on test 1. The material is divided by the Lecture Topics. The Lecture Topics correlate to the titles on the Syllabus. I reserve the right to amend these study guides when necessary. Please contact me with any questions.

--Professor Hagy

The Pre-Columbian World
1492 & Beyond: Conquest


1300s: rise of the Aztec
1469: Isabela & Ferdinand marry, creating a united Spain
1481: Portuguese build Elmina slave castle on Africa’s Gold Coast 1492: Columbus discovers the Americas
1494:The Treaty of Tordesillas
1497: John Cabot’s voyage
1521: Cortes conquers the Aztec
1533: Pizarro conquers the Inca
1588: the Spanish Armada
1590: the Roanoke settlement fails

People and Terms

Prince Henry the Navigator
Ferdinand of Aragon
Isabella of Castile
Christopher Columbus
Johannes Gutenberg
Gold, God, Glory—motives for European expansion
Pre-Columbian Era
Columbian Exchange
Encomienda system
Treaty of Tordesillas

Essay Possibilities
Discuss the Aztec and explain their rise to power in Mesoamerica.

What factors contributed to the rise of modern Europe and an age of expansionism from 1000 to 1600 AD? What political and economic advantages did England possess in contrast to other European countries?

The “Columbian Exchange” introduced new plants, animals and microbes to people on both sides of the Atlantic. Assess the positive and negative consequences of that exchange. In your opinion, who benefited most, those on the western side of the Atlantic or those on the eastern side?

English Beginnings in the Chesapeake
English Beginnings in New England


1607: Jamestown
1619: first Africans arrive in Jamestown
1620: Plymouth
1635: the banishment of Roger Williams
1638: Anne Hutchinson expelled
1622 and 1644: major Indian attacks in Virginia
1681: William Penn’s “Holy Experiment”
1732: James Oglethorpe receives Georgia charter

People and Terms

John Smith
William Bradford
John Winthrop
William Berkeley
Anne Hutchinson
Indentured servants
Roger Williams
Anne Hutchinson
William Penn
John Rolfe
Sir George Calvert

James I
English Civil War
Charles I
Navigation acts
Charles II
joint-stock company
House of Burgesses
Mayflower Compact
“A City on a Hill”

17th Century Colonial America

1619: first Africans in Virginia
1660: Restoration of Charles II
1675: King Philip’s War
1676: Bacon’s Rebellion
1681: William Penn receives Pennsylvania charter
1686: Dominion of New England created
1688: Glorious Revolution
1692: Salem witch hysteria

People and Terms

Michael Wigglesworth
John Winthrop
The Puritan Commonwealth
William Penn
Anthony Johnson
Nathaniel Bacon
Bacon’s Rebellion
William Berkely
Navigation Acts
Glorious Revolution
Edmund Andros
Dominion of New England
William III and Mary II
King Philip’s War
Increase Mather
Cotton Mather
Salem Village
spectral evidence
Olaudah Equiano
Middle Passage
Social Mobility

Essay Possibilities

Did tobacco provide the “salvation” for the Virginia colony or merely set the stage for future problems? Explain your answer.

What was the Puritan “errand into the wilderness”? Analyze the ways in which this errand failed or proved successful.

What factors might have contributed to the outbreak and spread of hysteria over witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692? Do you think a similar episode could occur in 21st-century America? Explain.

Colonial America’s Golden Age, c. 1750


1712: first northern slave revolt, New York City
1733: Benjamin Franklin publishes “Poor Richard’s Almanack” 1735: John...
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