Us History Midterm Review

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US History Midterm Study Guide

General Government: 1. What were the Articles of Confederation? 2. Explain the roles of the three branches of the US government play? 3. Explain the political concept of Federalism 4. Be able to differentiate between Dual Federalism & Cooperative Federalism (cake?) 5. What purpose does the Bill of Rights serve? 6. Identify the two houses of Congress and the term length of each. 7. What percentage of Congress has to vote to override a veto?


What was Reconstruction?

1. Who assassinated President Lincoln? 2. What were Black Codes and in what ways did they discriminate against freed slaves? 3. What were the Reconstruction Amendments? Be able to identify each of the three. 4. What was the purpose of the Freedman’s Bureau? 5. What was the 10% Plan? Who proposed it? 6. Who were the Radical Republicans? Identify the two primary leaders of the Radical Republicans. 7. Who was the first President to be impeached? Why was he impeached? 8. Differentiate between sharecropping and tenet farming. 9. What was a scalawag? 10. What was a carpetbagger? 11. What white supremacy groups emerged during Reconstruction? 12. What led to the “collapse of Reconstruction”? 13. What happened in the Compromise of 1877?

Industrialism: 1. What three factors played a role in the industrial boom of the late 19th century? 2. What was the Bessemer process? How did this impact American industry? 3. What is mass production? 4. How did the assembly line contribute to the boom in the automobile industry in the late 19th century? 5. How did Taylorism (scientific management) contribute to mass production? 6. What labor practices did Henry Ford implement to increase productivity? 7. Explain the concept of Social Darwinism. 8. How did Carnegie use vertical integration to create a monopoly? 9. How did Rockefeller use horizontal

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