US History final essay

Topics: Cold War, West Berlin, Berlin Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: November 30, 2013

“ Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Geroge Santayana stated this quote almost 60 years ago yet it is still held true to this day. Dreaming can only be turned into reality when one acts upon it and history has many impact on helping one reach their dreams. Repeating history is like falling backwards instead of forward, a path to obscure one's dream, and not learn from the previous mistakes. History has made dreams possible by having independence, freedom and having the opportunity to turn your dream into reality. A woman can be in a male dominant profession if she wants to and that is because of the women's right.

History has shown us a way to turn our dreams into realities. History has taught us that if one really wants something they will have to get it and not wait for it to be served in a silver platter, and that is referring to the cold war during the Berlin Blockade, because US wanted the west Berlin and all of Berlin to be free and they didn't just stand around US actually went and got them freedom. One might not realize how much history is involved in achieving one's dream but it's a part of everyone. It has made each and everyone of us stronger and prepared for anything. Recently Libya, Egypt and other countries got their freedom and this is also called the Domino effect and being free was people's dream and they sought it by learning from each other.

Historical factors still impacts today's society and people's ability to reach their dreams because it opens one's doors and opportunities to shoot for the stars. History is there so we can look back and not make the same mistakes, and actually move forward. History has helped everyone to be free like today. If we were not free there could never be an opportunity for one to reach one's dream. The civil war freed the slaves and made them a free man, it made US more civil because everyone was created equal. The Pursuit of Happiness was passed and that made...
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