Us History Bhs Project on the Three Branches

Topics: United States Congress, Separation of powers, President of the United States Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: April 13, 2013
The Constitution establish the separation of power which is the power to govern is divided among the three branches of government, the legislative, executive,and the judicial branch each branche play a specfic role in the government.The legislative branch makes laws this is run by Senate and House of Representatives their responsibilities are to approve treaties,regulate trade and money,impeach officals and provide defense for wars.Th role of the executive branch is to enforce laws and treaties which is run by the president and vice president this branch is responsible for appoints high officials.conduct foreign policy and has the ablity to veto laws.Judicial branch explains and interprets laws which the Supreme Court and Federal Court have control over their responsible for settling legal disputes between states,settles federal and state disputes and hears case with ambassadors from foreign governments.

In order to make a bill become a law a member of Congress or executive branch writes a bill.Then the committee will decide on the bill to be pass to the subcommitted to hear the bill by the excutive branch,supporters and public officals.After the hearing is complete the subcommittee will make some changes which the committee will vote for.Next the bill will be debated by the members.The Senate and House of Representatives have to both approve the bill to then be sent to the president to approve it or veto it.If he veto it Congress may attempt to override the veto. If both the Senate and the House pass the bill by a two-thirds majority, the president's veto is overruled and the bill becomes a law. The US Department of Agriculture oversees education, production, research, and other areas involving food, the environment, and farming.expanding markets for agricultural products and support international economic development, further developing alternative markets for agricultural products and activities, providing financing needed to help expand job...
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