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American society was change dramatically after the Civil War and the Railroads was one of the biggest contributors to this change. Explain how the railroads change American society, Politics and its economic during this gilded age period. Include the Robber Barons that benefited greatly from these changes that were provided by the railroads. The 1896 is believed by many as the most critical election of the most of the Civil War ear. This election pitted William McKinley as Republican who represents the wealth of the country. William McKinley won this election and because of his win many believe this election change American Politics forever. Explain how this election changed American Politics and election from the point on. When looking back at the gilded age we can see it all come down for the four intertwining themes that defined this period. Explain the cause of these themes during the gilded age and the consequences it had on America politics, economic and society. Explain urbanization and it effect on American politics, economic, and society what Mark Twain was talking about when he made this quote that so perfectly described the gilded age. “American Society that despite its appearance of promise and prosperity is riddle with corruption and scandal”

The railroad innovation started to impact American`s industries in 1900`s. The railroad connect all the States together so the economy grew as well as American`s industry taking over Europe`s country and Russia.[1] Taking advantage of enormous government land subsidies, the railroad connected the states into the Union, and became the largest business underpraises in the world. The railroad makes possible an essay transportation and distribution of their production. It opened and immense internal market that crated a perfect management structures. In 1886 all the railroad shifted simultaneously to the new standard 4`8 ½ gauges.[2] The expansion and consolidation of the railroad had its cost that made America to felt in heavy indebtedness systems, and crooked business practice forced the railroad to compete recklessly which each other for traffic. It reflected both the ingenuity and the dishonesty flourishing and the corporate management scene.[3]

Andrew Carnegie increased the corporate organization and management of the railroad expansion in which involved millions of tons of steel for tacks. Carnegie started his own steel mill in 1870`s where implementing technologies got to produce a high-grated steel. [4] Combining technology with the cost-analysis learned by the railroad experience makes him the first steelmaker to know the actual production of each ton of steel. Carnegie philosophy was “Watch the costs, and the profits will take care of themselves.”[5] Carnegie discovered the benefits of vertical integration that is, controlling all aspects of manufacturing from the meaning and smelting of ore to the selling of the still rails. Carnegie Steel thus became the classic example of how sophisticated new technology could be combined with innovative management. Carnegie donated more than $3000 million to library, school and international peace cause in his life time.[6] By 1900 Carnegie`s company become the largest industrial corporation in the world with twenty thousand employees. [7]

In Cleveland, John D. Rockefeller started to rush the oil. He realized that a mass-production enterprise and small production can made thousands of dollars.[8] The ability to see the benefit of vertical integration Rockefeller figured out that he could control the oil industry. By 1872 Rockefeller bought his own tanker car that helped him to wan ten percent rebate from the railroad.[9] John D. Rockefeller started to force aggressively out his competitor like Carnegie. His product was selling a low cost, and when rival firms’ team up against him. Rockefeller set up an agreement among several companies that established production quotas and production rate....
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