US: Domestic and Foreign Affairs

Topics: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: September 9, 2014
In the 1790s, the United States was troubled by both domestic and foreign affairs. As the new nation began to develop, relations with France would inspire foreign affairs and the rise of political parties would control domestic affairs. Throughout this time period, the American leaders experienced domestic and foreign affairs that came to be important in the rise of the new nation. Beginning with the election of George Washington to be the first president, domestic affairs played a key role in shaping American. The most important of the foreign affairs is the French Revolution, corresponding with Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation. Both domestic and foreign affairs were very important in shaping America. However, affairs at home were much more significant. U.S. politics & policy were shaped by mostly domestic affairs in the 1790's. During George Washington's Presidency, Alexander Hamilton & Thomas Jefferson, his two closest advisors, faced off on differing views of what the role of government should be. Hamilton wanted to shape new policies that would improve the economy. Quickly establishing himself as a huge influence in all domestic affairs, Hamilton soon used his power as Secretary of Treasury to institute controversial plans. Jefferson felt that one must stick to anything that the constitution said. This was strict compared to Hamilton’s loose interpretation of the Constitution. The most important of the domestic issues that occurred during the 1790’s were the struggles between the Republicans and the Federalists. The Republicans advocated states’ rights and power to the people. The Federalists believed power should belong to a privileged, educated class with the federal government controlling most of the power. One of the most significant of the discussed domestic issues was Hamilton’s Economic Plan. His plan involved three parts. The first part was to pay off the national war debt, for both foreign and domestic. The second part was to enforce high...
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