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Since 1994, the HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence has recognized outstanding achievement in the implementation and value from health information technology, specifically EHRs. This program promotes EHR adoption through sharing information and lessons learned on implementation strategies, financial return on investment and value of the EHR to improve patient care and outcomes. The 2012 Davies Enterprise and Ambulatory Award are in case study format and each consists of two categories: Core Case Studies and Menu Case Studies. 2012 Davies Ambulatory Award winners are Coastal Medical, Jeremy L Bradley, United Health Care and Enterprise Award winners are Hawai’i Pacific Health and Mount Sinai Medical Center.

2012 Enterprise Award winner: The Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC) in New York is an internationally recognized medical teaching, patient care, and research organization. Continually striving for clinical excellence, MSMC’s focus is on fully integrating its medical center, ambulatory healthcare information technology (IT), and processes. EHR vision of MSMC is implementing a wide variety of advanced clinical processes that are enabled by the Epic EHR. Quality, safety, and efficiency metrics have improved since system implementation and are apparent in Meaningful Use core and menu objective reporting along with clinical quality measures. The EHR is to serve as a strong enabler for research projects involving disciplines such as genomics and clinical predictive rules.

The original fragmented network of clinical systems consisted of the ED system, inpatient ordering, medication reconciliation, and a handoff communications application for use between residents. The Epic EHR replaced all of these systems with a seamless and single integrated EHR platform across the inpatient, ambulatory, and clinical research settings. The Clinical Decision Support of the EHR...
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