us constitution

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U.S Constitution
The U.S. Constitution introduces America's government and basic guidelines laws, and it guaranteed rights for the citizens. It was signed on September 17, 1787, by represent to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia it was control by George Washington and other government leaders. They review and pass the laws to public to share the rights for the citizen. As of now, there are currently 27 amendments. The first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Bill of Rights is a statement of citizen’s rights and privileges.

The first ten amendments guaranteed right to the citizens of United States. The first amendments would be freedom of speech, press or any religion. The second amendments are right to bear arm. It means citizen have right to own guns and protect themselves. The third amendment is no quartering of solder. The government can’t force you to let solder stay in your house without authorization by the law. Fourth amendment is must have search warrant or seizes Example, no one can enter your home without your permission unless authorize by court. Fifth amendment is Self-incrimination. The government cannot force citizens to testify against themselves. Six amendments are right to speedy trail & lawyer. Citizen has a right to speed up the trail in court. Seven amendments are right to jury trail. It deals with the rights of those who being sued. The defendant will always have right to a trial by jury. Eight amendment protect against Excessive Bail, Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Another way of saying, it protect from unusual punishment. Nine amendment has rights not to be listed in the Constitution. The citizen has the rights to not mention in US Constitution. Ten amendment are powers reserved to the states. These first- ten amendment are most famous rights to citizen and was created by James Madison.

Couple of years later, there are seventeen-more amendments to the US Constitution. James Madison is...

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