Ursula Burns Reinvented Xerox

Topics: Psychology, Thing, Ursula Burns Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Reflection Paper

The article “How Ursula Burns Reinvented Xerox” is extremely informative and gave me an outlook on how major businesses operate in society. It was interesting to read about a woman of color who completely gave her life into Xerox the company and made it a success. This article, made me more open minded about a lot of things that goes on into businesses I haven’t experience. One perspective, which was interesting, is how Xerox the company couldn’t do anything about their business failing but Ursula Burns made it into a success. A main viewpoint that I read about Xerox the company is how well-built the company was and they never gave up on their business. They were trying to improve their company by doing different things in order to have a successful outcome. Some new things I learned and discovered is how physically and mentally a leader has to become. This is exactly what Ursula Burns portrays in leading Xerox the company to the top. “One of the most interesting things about becoming a CEO is that the very thing you did to get there is usually not the thing you need to do to keep you there.” A quote said by Ursula Burns which gave me a further understanding about becoming a leader. Leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization or country. Being the person in charge of a major company is not an easy job to obtain. But Mrs. Burns found a way to bring her company from a depressing standpoint into a positive achievement. But first she stay and thought about what the company can do and what it does, so it can be a successful business. After reading this article there’s various things I’ve learned and modify my behavior in the future. The first and most important I’ve learned is if you believe in something or someone never give up on your dream. If you keep working towards your goal you can make it a success. However, becoming a leader is a difficult job to maintain and takes a lot of energy out the person....
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