Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox

Topics: Anne M. Mulcahy, Ursula Burns, Xerox Pages: 4 (1084 words) Published: March 13, 2014

Ursula Burn, CEO of Xerox
Dr. C. C. Anthony
Leadership: Organizational Behavior

Background of Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox
"Dreams do come true, but not without the help of others, a good education, a strong work ethic and the courage to lean in."

Ursula Burns was born on the lower east side of Manhattan, New York on September 20, 1958. She was born of Panamanian immigrants, raised by her mother, where she lived in public housing. Although her mother was very poor, Burns attended Cathedral High School and received her bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of NYU in 1980 and a master of science in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. Her internship at Xerox provided her with the graduate degree from Columbia. Ursula became a permanent employee in 1981 and worked in various roles in product development and planning throughout her twenties. While in a meeting with Wayland Hicks, a senior executive, Burns was offered her a position as an executive assistant for nine years in different departments and learned the business. During this time she married Lloyd Bean and was named vice president for global manufacturing in 1999. (Iqbal, 2013) In 2000, Burns was named a senior vice president and began working closely with soon to be CEO Anne Mulcahy, in what both women have described as a true partnership. Nine years later, in July 2009, she was named CEO, succeeding Mulcahy, who remained as chairwoman until May 2010. Analyze the CEO’s Leadership Style and Philosophy, and How the CEO’s Leadership Style Aligns With the Culture. Burns was hired as an intern in the engineering department as an African American women in 1980 when diversification was not the norm. Xerox is a company that is all about diversity and was like that before many other companies. Training is an important factor to Xerox since xerography requires technical training. Then there is training about how to...

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