Urinary Incontinence and Risk

Topics: Sudden infant death syndrome, Blood, Hypovolemia Pages: 16 (5119 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Activity/Rest-ability to engage in necessary/desired activities of life (work and leisure) and to obtain adequate sleep/rest • Activity intolerance • Activity intolerance, risk for • Disuse syndrome, risk for • Divisional activity, deficit • Fatigue • Insomnia Mobility: bed, impaired • • Mobility: physical, impaired Mobility: wheelchair, impaired • Sedentary lifestyle • • Sleep deprivation • *Sleep pattern disturbed • Sleep, readiness for enhanced • Transfer ability, impaired • Walking, impaired Circulation- ability to transport oxygen and nutrients necessary to meet cellular needs • *Bleeding, risk for • Cardiac output, decreased • *Tissue perfusion, decreased cardiac tissue, risk for • *Tissue perfusion, ineffective, cerebral, risk for • *Tissue perfusion, ineffective, renal, risk for • *Tissue perfusion, ineffective gastrointestinal, risk for • Tissue perfusion, ineffective, peripheral • *Shock, risk for Ego Integrity- ability to develop and use skills and behaviors to integrate and manage life experiences • Anxiety • Anxiety, death • Body image, disturbed • Coping, community, ineffective • Coping, community, readiness for enhanced • Coping, defensive • Coping, family, compromised • Coping, family, disabled • Coping, family, readiness for enhanced • Coping, (individual), readiness for enhanced • Coping, ineffective • Denial, ineffective • Energy field disturbance • Fear • Grieving • Grieving, complicated • Grieving, risk for complicated • Health behavior, risk prone • Human dignity, risk for compromised

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Last updated August 2009, *=new diagnosis 2009-2011 Nutrition: imbalanced, less than body • Personal identity, disturbed requirements Post trauma syndrome • Nutrition: imbalanced, more than body Post trauma syndrome, risk for requirements Power, readiness for enhanced • Nutrition: imbalanced, risk for more Powerlessness than body requirements Powerlessness, risk for • Nutrition, readiness for enhanced Rape-trauma syndrome • Oral mucous membrane, impaired Relocation stress syndrome • Swallowing, impaired Relocation stress syndrome, risk for *Resilience, impaired individual Gastro *Resilience, readiness for enhanced • *Jaundice, neonatal *Resilience, risk for compromised • Liver function, impaired, risk for Self concept, readiness for enhanced • Nausea Self-esteem, chronic low Self-esteem, situational low Self-esteem, risk for situational low Sorrow, chronic Stress, overload Growth and development • Dentition, impaired • Development delayed, risk for • Growth, disproportionate, risk for • Growth and development, delayed Health promotion/Education • Health maintenance, ineffective • Health management, self, ineffective • Health-seeking behaviors (specify) • Immunization status, readiness for enhanced • Knowledge deficient (specify) • Knowledge (specify), readiness for enhanced • Therapeutic regime management: family ineffective • Hygiene- ability to perform activities of daily living • *Neglect, self • Self care, readiness for enhanced • Self-care deficit, feeding • Self-care deficit, bathing • Self-care deficit, dressing • Self-care deficit, toileting Life Principles • *Activity planning, ineffective • Decisional conflict • Decision making, readiness for enhanced • Moral distress • Noncompliance (specify) • Hope, readiness for enhanced • Hopelessness • Religiosity, impaired • Religiosity, readiness for enhanced Religiosity, risk for impaired • • Spiritual distress • Spiritual distress, risk of • Spiritual well being, readiness for enhanced

Endo • Blood glucose, risk for unstable Elimination- ability to excrete waste products • Bowel incontinence • Constipation • Constipation, risk for • Constipation, perceived • Diarrhoea • *Motility, dysfunctional gastrointestinal • *Motility, risk for dysfunctional gastrointestinal • Urinary elimination, readiness for enhanced • Urinary elimination, impaired • Urinary incontinence, functional • Urinary incontinence,...
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