Urdu and Folk Music

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Our Languages

Language is an important means of communicating our ideas to others. India is a big country and the people speak many languages. We have eighteen major languages in our country. They are:

1. Assamese 2. Bengali 3. Gujarati 4. Hindi

5. Kannada 6. Kashmiri 7. Konkani 8. Malayalam

9. Manipuri 10. Marathi 11. Nepali 12. Oriya

13. Punjabi 14. Sanskrit 15. Sindhi

16. Tamil 17. Telugu 18. Urdu

All the languages have their own scripts, most of which are written from left to right. Kashmiri, Sindhi and Urdu use the Arabic script and are written from right to left. Hindi is the official language of India, but English is also widely used.

Sanskrit and Tamil are the oldest Indian languages. All our languages have their own songs, poetry, stories and folktales. Generally two or three languages are spoken by the people of each state in our country. Dance and Music

Dance and music are an important part of our rich culture. There are two major kinds of dance and music in our country – classical and folk. The folk dance and folk music are generally performed by a group of people of a region or community.

Every part of India has its own folk music and dance. Some of the popular folk dances of India are the Bhangra of Punjab, Nati of Himachal Pradesh, Bihu of Assam, Ghoomar of Rajasthan and Garba of Gujarat.

Folk dances and songs are generally accompanied by loud clapping and shouting. Classical music and dance differ greatly from folk music and dance. The classical dances can only be learnt through training and rigorous practice. The well-known classical dances of India are the Bharat Natyam (Tamil Nadu), Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh), Odissi (Orissa) and Manipuri (Manipur). Yakshagana (Karnataka) and Kathakali (Kerala) are dance dramas.

India has a long tradition of music. The classical music in our country is of two main styles. These are the Hindustani and the Carnatic, and are based on ragas. Painting

Early man lived in caves....
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