Topics: Sustainability, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 4 (649 words) Published: November 10, 2013
Tutorial Assignment #1

People, Places and Environments
(GEOG/ENST 1020A, Fall 2013)
Due Date:

Monday, October 7th, 5:00pm
**Submit PDF file electronically to cuLearn**
Total marks:
25 marks
Review material: Lecture notes and Chapter 4 of your textbook. Resource material: www.carleton.ca/fmp/, www.geo2.scholarsportal.info, and www.myfootprint.org
Submit the following:
• Typed answers to the assignment questions that include a header at the top of the first page with your name, student number, course code and tutorial section, the name of your teaching assistant, the name of your instructor, a title, and the submission date.

Description and objectives
Carleton University campus is a perfect place to start examining human/environment relations. If the natural world is everywhere and not just “out there” somewhere, it is important to assess how the campus fits within and interacts with both its local environment and the larger biosphere. Like any growing city, choices have to be made as to how the University grows and develops within its finite property lines and its expanding environmental footprint. As a student, you live, work, and move within both these built and natural systems. Your task is to assess how Carleton University campus fits into the natural system, how it uses ideas of environment and sustainability in its planning, and how you as a student can measure your own environmental impacts within it.

Six Skills
1. Using mapping software
2. Reading and employing GIS maps
3. Analyzing a policy and planning document
4. Critical and analytical thinking
5. Academic writing employing geographic terms and concepts
6. Writing a concise report

GEOG/ENST 1020A (Fall 2013) Assignment No. 1 – Your Campus Environment


Tutorial Instructions
Use your laptop computer to do question 4 with a partner. Next, with the same partner practice adding, removing, and reading GIS map layers using Scholars Geoportal and...
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