Urban Sprawling

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City can be defined with different definitions. There are some researchers claimed the purpose of the city based on the physical aspects only. However, there are also some researchers claimed the purpose of the city based on the aspects to human .According from puan Katimah Rostam (1988), meaning the city can be translated into the size of the population that is more readily available than other information.   Therefore, when a settlement has met minimum population criteria then other criteria are also considered to meet the requirements definition. Malaysia has set when an area has reached a total population of 10,000 people, it can be recognized as the area of the city. About urbanization is a process of population change from the countryside into the city. Urbanization will result in an area will experience socio-economic change, particularly in terms of employment, education, standard of living already (Katimah Rostam, 2002). Process of urbanization is also a process of population concentration in an urban area.   In other words, the process of urbanization is also known as prosesurbanisasi. As a result of this urbanization will cause a change in the total population, urban functions, land use and the way people live in urban areas (Pacione Michael, 2009). In the context of urbanization in Malaysia, in Malaysia cities experiencing rapid urbanization process after the country achieved kemerdekaan.Jumlah the city's population grew rapidly because of rural-urban migration. Among large cities in Malaysia are actively occurring urbanization is Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru City, Georgetown and other countries as well.


* Problem of urban unemployment.
* Urban Economy can not absorb too many of overpopulation in population due to migration to urban areas. Also limited employment opportunities for people who do not have the high approval if matched with the approval of the qualifications and skills of the migrants also imaginable. * The sector of the urban economy is semi professional or professional. Sectors of the economy at present is more concerned with high qualifications of employees to work at their companies. Population who has no tertiary qualifications will have difficulty getting jobs because they had no qualification.   * Locals who worked as laborers informal sector suffered the estimation because many companies now take illegal immigrants working in the company for cheaper salary than the locals. This causes problems DLM urban unemployment will occur. * Cost of living eminence resulted in the quality and standard of living of the urban population will be lower and urban poverty will occur. * Urbansasi such as urbanization called False.

* Problems such as urban physical environment;
* Increased air pollution will occur in urban areas and areas that have a population density due to the increasing number of vehicles banked in line with the increase of urban population. Many Malaysians who use vehicles for work and perform their daily activities. These will produce smog from vehicles that can cause pollution air.

* In addition, many urban residents have irresponsible littering everywhere in urban areas resulted in an increase in the rate of waste disposal. These will damage the image of a country. *   Disposal of domestic waste into rivers and drains in low-lying areas also cause blockedge the drainage system. This may cause flash floods in the city and also in the lower hold. This will cause a lot of destruction. * Urban heat island phenomenon was associated with rapid rates of self building in urban areas and the increase of pollutants such as vehicle fumes and factory smoke in the air, eg harmful gases released into the air are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulffur dioxide, particulate matter (PM 10) ,particulate matter’s include dust, dirt, smoke, and...
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