Urban Sprawl

Topics: Automobile, Fast food, Global warming Pages: 4 (1110 words) Published: June 20, 2011
The development of urban motorization in big cities has caused some negative effects to their population. Social issues and ecological issues are the main problems that occur in those cities. There are some reasons that lead to the motorization era in the cities. One of them is urban sprawl. Urban sprawl is the enlargement of city’s development that spread far away from the centre to the outskirt of that city. Urban sprawl is the result of the increasing urbanization. Although urban sprawl is the main aspect that can develop capitalism, it still has some negative impacts on the city. Motorization as one of the impacts of urban sprawl relates very closely to the transportation system. Motorization happens when people mostly use cars for traveling in the city and it relates closely with the development of an automobile industry in that city. The rise of the automobile industry supports the spread of urban sprawl even more. People can travel longer distances in shorter time. That is why the growth of the automobile industry is related to urban sprawl. There are some solutions to determine the urban sprawl issues called ecological modernization. According to AEP 9 lecture one, ecological modernization is a scientific research to find the answer to how the world can be sustain economically and socially at the same time without damaging the environment.

Some business groups are trying to find a solution for the urban sprawl issues based on ecological modernization. According to Gonzalez (2006), there are two business groups who support this approach. The first business group is the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the second is the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). These two groups are supporting global warming issue with providing some technology solutions to control the global warming effect caused by urban sprawl. Gonzalez (2006) points out that the technology solution which they offered did not solve urban sprawl issues...
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