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Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Metabolic syndrome Pages: 1 (654 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Burdette, Amy M., and Terrence D. Hill. "An Examination of Processes Linking Perceived Neighborhood Disorder and Obesity." Social Science & Medicine 67.1 (2008): 38-46. Web.In the journal article, An Examination of Processes Linking Perceived Neighborhood disorder and obesity, Burdette, Amy M. , and Terrence Hill used a data collected from a sample of Texas to figure it out why neighborhood disorder effect on obesity, and they also analysis the psychological, physiological, and behavior mechanism. They stated that psychological distress is a lynchpin mechanism that links neighborhood disorder with obesity risk, in this is because of stress response, diet with no quality, and lack of exercise. Studies keep confirming that population who lives in poor neighborhood, social disorganization, and disorder has more tendencies to be obesity. There are several factors these disadvantage neighborhood are more likely to be obese than the other ones, such as bad eating habits and they also don’t have courage to practice physical activity. The amount of fast food found in this neighborhood is intense; in contrast, it is found a restriction to health food, health center, gyms, and grocery store. Knowing the level of obesity being one quarter of Texas population, researchers tried to mediated by psychological, physiological, and behavioral mechanism In this article they used Texas sample for adults and there is a large part of the population classified as obese. Finkelstein says, “In the state of Texas, obesity affects over one quarter of the adult population and accounts for more than $5 billion in medial expenditure each year,” a lot of money is invested in Texas for health care in obesity effects. They are also saying that living in a disadvantage neighborhood where they can find a lot of noise, dirt, crime and have a big impact in the psychological side of the human being. It is also noted that poor diet and those who don’t exercise can activate the...
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