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In South Africa the URP was part of a National Urban Renewal Strategy announced by the former President Thabo Mbeki in his State of the Nation Address in February 2001. Urban Renewal is not unequally South Africa’s but is worldwide and takes many forms and economic activity process. These may include the upgrade of informal settlements and township development. In South Africa the NURS is co-ordinated and monitored by the National Departments of both the Provincial and Local Government. It focuses on deprived areas and involves the investments in economic and social infrastructure, human resource development, enterprise development, enhancements of neighbourhoods and service delivery, poverty alleviation and the strengthening of the criminal justice system. Like any other implemented programmes, the URP had its own intended outcomes especially that will benefit the community at large. The Urban Renewal Programme proposes outcomes in five areas: Infrastructure (effective service Delivery) Development

Social Development
Economic Development
Environmental Development
Safety and Security
Effective Governance
My report below will be about identifying urban problems of Rosettenville, Johannesburg a very old Johannesburg suburb which I have chosen as my study area. I will be basically focusing on urban renewal dimensions of Rosettenville and pinpointing at least 10 urban problems associated with urban renewal aspects which will fall under physical, social, economical and environment components and the different plans of addressing the urban problems. I will be providing a short profile of your selected area, Rosettenville in terms of demographic, social, economic, municipal / planning, functional details. Secondly the report will be identifying and describing the urban problems of Rosettenville which are symptomatic of Urban Renewal Programme. In the report I will also be outlining in details about the problems and also giving own point of view. The report will also be providing with the detailed situational analysis of Rosettenville in terms of the urban problems and also the involvements necessary to tackle these problems with the projects that are put in place.

Rosettenville is a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. It lies to the south of the city centre. Rosettenville is named after Leo (or Levin) Rosettenstein, who surveyed the land and sold stands before gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand. This area and has experienced decaying and underdevelopment. Rosettenville is an area defined by social and economic exclusion. There are a number of issues specific to the Rosettenville suburbs, which are:

A declining office environment in favour of the northern suburbs; •Addressing dust and run-off pollution from mine dumps;
Increasing safety and security; and
The under-utilisation of precincts around the area.

.Thus I will present particulars on how the carrying out of the identified components and sub-components has impacted on Rosettenville livelihood through a rank quo analysis of the Rosettenville Urban Renewal Programme. Since I am only identifying 10 issues I will only dwell into to sub components for each component.


Rosettenville is a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. It lies to the south of the city centre. It covers an area of 3.24 km² and has a population of approximately 11,044 (3,410.38 per km²) and recorded households of about 3,951 (1,220.07 per km²). Rosettenville is located in close proximity to the CBD and its adjacent places include Kenilworth and old Oakdene, the suburb also includes the landmark Wemmer Pan recreational area. It’s filled with dilapidated buildings accommodating the unemployed, squatters and whole lot of social and economic problems. The table hereunder shows the population distribution of various ethnic groups, gender distribution and lastly the first language within Rosettenville;

Population group...
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