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Urban decline is a process in which buildings and infrastructure, in an urban area, fall into disrepair and dilapidation. Conversely, urban regeneration is improving an area that has been experiencing a period of decline. These schemes have involved redeveloping the old London docklands into a financial hub; the London Docklands regeneration. It can also include the development and improvement of housing and the surrounding area, such as the Greenwich Millennium Village. It could be suggested that as time has progressed and governments undergo change, the aim of redevelopments and UDC’s change, from predominantly economical improvement, to a balance of social, economic and environmental improvement in order to minimise urban decline.

Urban decline can be caused by deindustrialisation in the inner city, as people leave to rural areas and then commute to work instead, In 1981, the London docks closed, a result of the industries in the UK being more expensive than those overseas-Asia had much cheaper labour. Along with this, large mines closed, resulting in a high level of unemployment. In some places, the dereliction seemed so severe that it be too much to pay for. In order to combat the urban decline and regenerate the area, the Canary Wharf Complex was established.

The environmental benefits of the London Dockland Regeneration scheme, slums were cleared in rural areas and the urban environment was greatly improved. However, no money was actually invested into the environment, as the developers were American and had an American styled building approach. Although this regeneration was able to restore the 600,000 jobs lost to manufacturing, it failed to actually bring any wealth to the local people, as the newer residents tended to be younger wealthier people. It also resulted in a social wedge between the financiers and the former dockworkers. We cam see that it has been environmentally unsuccessful and apart from the restoration of 600000 jobs, was also...
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