Urban Pollution

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People all over the world are migrating to cities in search of jobs and cultural advantages, especially in Asia. This has resulted in the formation of huge megapolitan areas and surrounding peri-urban environs. In China, a 40 million urban area is planned.The effects of cities on people are not well-understood. Cities require huge amounts of energy, resulting in large quantities of waste products, causing unsustainable environments. Cities are sources of air, water and soil pollution. Light and noise pollution are now known to adversely affect urban people. The role of urban heat islands and air pollution, PM2.5 and ozone, on human health is beginning to emerge. Lack of green space may have psychological effects for urban dwellers. We began to explore the nature of the urban environment and pollution on human health and well-being at UEP2010 in Boston in June of 2010. This very successful conference identified many areas of urban life that warranted further investigation. UEP2013 aims to continue the exploration of the urbCities are the source of numerous dangerous gases, particularly vehicles (passenger cars, lorries, buses, etc) which produce, in particular, carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxides (Nox), benzyne, ozone, etc. in addition to fine particles emitted by diesel motors which represent a serious threat to human health.
Heating installations use fossil fuels which also pollute the air of our cities. However, in numerous urban agglomerations, the main source of the deterioration of air quality is from industrial facilities which spew out veritable poisons into the air, which is then breathed by riverside residents.
Smog, which so commonly caps our famous megalopolises is a terrifying palpable demonstration of atmospheric pollution.an environment and how we can begin to create a healthy and liveable environment in cities. For more than a century, cities have functioned as super magnets, attracting millions of

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