Urban Planning

Topics: Urban planning, City, Population density Pages: 1 (446 words) Published: May 3, 2015
Urban Planning

What solutions would you have proposed for a city if you were an urban planner? Many cities suffered overcrowding. This problem left a lot of consequences such as low health, high crime rates, and impoverished areas. For this reason, Garden City, Radiant City and City Beautiful were created to provide solutions which probably would arrange the population in certain areas and improve the life quality of people. These three ideas have been a great influence to urban planners for over one hundred years. As a first model we have Garden City that was proposed by Ebenezer Howard. He proposed building cities in the countryside now that he thought Garden City would be a solution to the problems of big cities. His intention was to take specially the poor people of the large cities and spread them in the countryside; in order to they are able to live close to nature. In these cities, housing, schools, and cultural activities would have their own separated places. The population of each city would be limited to 32,000 people. So, Garden City would never become another city like London. This was the first deliberate planning of a suburban area. However, the second example as Radiant City proposed by Le Corbusier was developed adversely. His intention was to bring the country into the city. His dream city would be composed mainly of skyscrapers within a park. Now that’s an extraordinarily high population density but only 12% of the ground would be occupied by the buildings. He also proposed that heavy traffic would proceed at basement level and lighter traffic at ground level. So, pedestrianed streets wholly separate from vehicular traffic and would be placed at a raised level. Finally, we have City beautiful, proposed by Daniel Burnham. His idea was to tear down the slums which were only residential areas in the middle of the city and rebuild a cultural center. He proposed to create a great impression arranging all important monuments in a single...
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