Urban Outfitters Topic Report

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March 8th 2011
Topic Report 1: Experiential Branding

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, founded in 1970, occupies more than 130 stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. They offer a "lifestyle-specific shopping experience for the educated, urban-minded individual" for consumers ranging in age from eighteen to thirty years old.

Urban Outfitter's main product categories include art, music, and fashion, each of which can be broken down in to further categories. Their fashion is comprised of women's and men's products and, also, beauty products. Their music and art categories incorporate furniture, bedding, decor, camera's and electronics, books, music, toys & novelties, DIY & desktops, a bike shop, and a print shop. Urban Outfitters strives to "stock [their] stores with what [they] love, calling on [their] -- and [their] customer's -- interests" and "offering an eclectic mix of merchandise".

Consumer's can find Urban Outfitter's stores located in malls around the country and also as free-standing stores in most major cities. The types of malls their stores are typically located in are regional centers, super-regional centers, and sometimes lifestyle or community centers. Their flagship store is located on 17th and Walnut Street in New York City, New York.

Urban Outfitters has always done a fantastic job of distinguishing itself from it's surrounding competition. Their two distinctive characteristics include a large, bold-lettered, well lit sign and large windows across the entire front entrance viewing into the stores. These characteristics catch the eye of their consumers and allow them to take a quick glance at the merchandise in the store, as a large portion of it can be seen simply from the outside view. This proves to be effective for their free-standing stores and especially for their mall locations as it draws the eye away from competition and creates curiosity to enter the store.

The atmosphere of Urban Outfitter's store...
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