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Gravity Hills: Urban Legend
Urban Legends are stories, usually false or exaggerated, that are repeatedly told and embellished over time until they are believed to be true. Gravity Hills is known to be an urban legend and it is also surrounded by scary stories. It’s said that in various hills of California, if a car is parked on neutral it will somehow roll up the slope of the nearby hill. There have been stories due to this belief that children died in the hills as they helped push their school bus and then crushed by it. Scientific reasoning often explains that it’s just part of the human optical illusion that makes it appear as if one is rolling up. Based on analysis, logic and physics, the urban legend of Gravity Hills is false.

When people hear the legends and scary stories behind Gravity Hills on how the car will go up the slope once it’s parked on neutral, they will make the brain and vision believe that it’s moving. Many adolescence go with the same mentality but under different circumstances. For example; under the influence of alcohol or drugs that make them hallucinate and believe the urban legend of Gravity Hills is real. From personal experience I’ve gone to witness this phenomenon and it’s unreal because proper equipment was used for and did not get any results.

On some of the studies done, physicists and GPS measurements also confirm that the effects are illusions caused by the landscape. The position of trees and slopes of nearby scenery, or a curvy horizon line, can blend to trick the eye so that what looks uphill is actually downhill.

Realistically the road indeed, is going downhill even though the brain is giving the impression that the vehicle is going uphill.
Urban legends are meant to be untrue in other words a “myth”. They are told to keep others entertained. Even though urban legends are myths, our curiosity will always make us experience it for ourselves.

The truth behind this phenomenon is, it’s an optical illusion that...
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