Urban Horticulture and Lahore

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Urban horticulture and Lahore

Horticulture is defined as the branche of agriculture which deals with the plantation of gardens,trees,flowers

City life affecting on horticulture

As we know that with the passage of time the population increases day by day And the numbers of gardens,trees are removed rapidly.if we can see gardens we can see the artificial beauty of them and peoples who lived in big cites where population is so much it can effected it badly. People have no time to enjoy the reayl beauty of nature some of the people who wented to enjoy with natural beauty they moved to the parks but the parks are also in vary less number in Lahore.the main cause of this rapid incress in population and the incress in pollution.as we know that plants can provide us oxygen which is the major part of our respriton and the take carbon di oxyide which is harmfull for us.but with the passage of time ond incress in population in Lahore the numberof trees are less.in the present government takes steps for plantation in Lahore.

Home gardning
The peoples who are vary busy in there daily life they made a lawn inside of there house.inwhich they planted number of trees flowers and many kind of vegetables in there small lawn. I can visted many of the parks in Lahore and the most common thing that I observed that the affect of pollution effected it badly.and the number of trees which are growing in the Lahore city is in very less ratio.the insituate which is working in Lahore is purpose that to prevented parks and increases number and lot of conturbutions are takes. solution

To obay the principals of horticulture we can get maximum yelied of plants and preserve them.
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