Urban Clothing

Topics: Business, Academic degree, Retailing Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Urban Clothing
Store Owner
By Sarah Write
Why I choose to be a retail store owner of an Urban Clothing store? One of the reasons is because I like urban clothing, reasoning for that is because the design of the clothing catches my eye and my attention. I know a lot of people have gone into clothing stores and found it hard just to find that one shirt you are looking for to match your shoes or that one pair of jeans. Well I feel like an urban store has it all, because it comes down to the designs and style and prices that will be very reasonable. I believe I will fit to be a retail store owner when it comes to urban clothing. I am very confident in my style and would love to share it with the community. Have you ever wondered why retail stores charge so much for their merchandise? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to set the prices on clothing, be the boss of your own employees, work at your own hours, and be successful? Well, all that describes a retail store owner. What is a retail store owner? A retail store owner is someone who owns, and usually operates a clothing store. A retail store owner can also be called an entrepreneur. A retail store owner has many responsibilities, including setting the prices on clothing, ordering merchandise, overseeing employees, taking care of finances, and making sure the store is operating at a success. A lot of responsibility accompanies the title of store owner. Your exact duties will differ depending on how many employees you're overseeing, and what type of store you plan to own. The type of store is an Urban Clothing Store, some of the information is obtained from this citation (Forest Time, 2012) Because of the increasing amounts of responsibility placed on store owners, and I would have to obtain bachelor's degree or other formal education in a business-related field. A bachelor's in business administration degree program provides students with the skills necessary to become effective store owners and...

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