Ups - a Look at Quality Management

Topics: United Parcel Service, Contiguous United States, UPS Airlines Pages: 7 (2252 words) Published: February 3, 2013
A Look into Quality Management

By: Tiffani Coffey
April Graves
Daniel Cardwell
Michael Carroll
Russell Dean
Jessica Gibson

James E Casey or "Jim" established the American Messenger Company in 1907 after borrowing $100. The company then and still is based on the same principals, customer service and reliability. Over the years they have made a lot of changes from their making deliveries on bicycles to today air freight and world-wide service. Some of the innovations since their start have changed the world and the economy. Now people can track items sent to them from home, businesses can send products from factories to anywhere the world in a moment’s notice. Innovations like these have changed what once was a limited local economy to a global market where anything is possible. UPS has been at the forefront of these changes but they still never left the original values of customer service and reliability. The quality of service and the ability to keep cost competitive has helped them expand to what they are today, a global leader in the shipping world. The American Messenger Company became the United Parcel Service in 1919, after the company expanded from Seattle to California and Oakland. They began offering common carrier services which gave them the upper hand among the private and commercial parcel post. They worked in the same manor as many retail stores, and developed a system that was easy to maintain for the company and the customer. UPS had the upper hand on many parcel businesses. They offered many options to customers and other businesses that were unheard of at the time. They had comparable rates, daily pickup calls, returns, and they were flexible with payment forms. In 1924 they introduced the first conveyor belt system to handle all packages. This gave them an advantage like no other. They were able to work at a greater rate and while eliminating lost time. This allowed them to expand to all major cities on the Pacific Coast. Six years later, UPS made its way to the East Coast and was starting to make a name in all the major cities. By the 1950s, UPS had met some obstacles but overcame them by expanding to deliver both commercial and private packages. New breaking ground was made by 1952 when UPS decided to begin common carrier operations in cities where they could do so without the authority of state commerce commissions and the ICC. In 1953 Chicago became the first city outside of California in which UPS offered common carrier service. During the same time, UPS began offering two day air service to all major east and west coast cities. Though this was a great advantage, the company faced obstacles with transferring packages across state borders. Sometimes packages would be delayed because of certain regulations from state to state. It took three decades to finally get the authorization to freely ship in all 48 (contiguous) states. This made UPS the first delivery company equipped and able to serve all contiguous states. By 1985 UPS assembled its own cargo fleet jet and began offering overnight air delivery. It had expanded to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. A few years later, the company received consent from the Federal Aviation Administration to become it's own airline and operate UPS aircraft independently. Expanding its operations to UPS Airlines, they became the fastest expanding airline in history. The company had expanded to international territories in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. There were new markets opening for UPS which helped the import/export services in the United States. They began tracking all ground packages and by 1993 were delivering over 11 million packages a become available in 1994, allowing consumer information about packages and products. Customers were able to track all transit packages, which is still available today. This connected the company and its customers allowing their trust and reliability to be seen. UPS...

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