Ups vs. Fedex

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UPS vs. FedEx
The best thing in countries that have competitive package carrier business is that if ever you need to send something to someone, whether that package is classified or not or fragile or not, you’d be guaranteed that it is in safe hands. Not only that, no matter what package carrier company you choose you’d be guaranteed of the quality service that it’ll provide. These package carrier companies are kind of obliged to suck up on you so you’d choose them over the other. So the best way to show they’re the real thing compared to the other is to please you and surpass your expectations on the quality of service they provide. Like for example if you want your package delivered a day ago, you would really choose the carrier company that runs ahead of time. If you want everything to happen with low cost, you would choose the carrier company with the lowest rates. If you want your package handled like a new born cow (only gentler), you would go for the carrier company that studied graces on a tea table. In the US the highly competitive package carrier companies are none other than UPS and FedEx. Both are very popular companies that are not only known for their massive package carrying business but also with their generous sponsorship in the world of sports. UPS is the official sponsor of highly illustrated sports events such as NASCAR and the Olympics, while FedEx is the official sponsor of NBA and NFL. These two companies are really on each other’s throat and constantly show off with each other to gain the public’s trust. Here are some more distinctions of the two in case you need to send a package and you still have no idea what are UPS and FedEx because you just migrated from the other side of the globe. UPS or United Parcel Service, to begin with, has the slogan “What can brown do for you?”. Brown is the official color of the company. Its logo is a golden shield which connotes “security over your packages, so you don’t have to worry about anything else”. Not only that, the logo also promises strength. UPS is the king of the road because of its 25,000 vehicles. This company handles up to 150 pounds of package for every customer. They deliver internationally via their airlines. These carrier qualities are very impressive but expected for a company to have been existing since 1970. However, there are few drawbacks when you use the service of UPS. The service is a bit pricey compared to FedEx. Not only that, when your package is delivered, UPS will just leave it on your porch when nobody’s around. UPS also prioritizes businesses over individuals. The UPS office is less accommodating too compared to that of FedEx. FedEx, on the other hand, has the slogan ‘Relax, its FedEx’. The company logo is not as impressive as that of UPS with only the fonts that spell FedEx. This carrier was founded in 1971, only a year later than UPS. FedEx’s land transportation is weaker than that of UPS but it makes out with its 672 aircraft that travels to over 375 airports all around the planet, making it the king of the sky. FedEx, like UPS, deliver packages all around the world but puts surcharge on packages that weigh more that 70 pounds. FedEx however charges less compared to UPS. The company also has preferable office and environment with friendly people compared to UPS. And when FedEx delivers your package, they require a signature. If you weren’t around to receive them, they’d leave a note or they come back just to personally deliver the package. Small-business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level often have concerns about transportation and logistics. A variety of shipping solutions help business owners build their companies. How do business owners decide which shipping company best fits their needs? UPS, FedEx or DHL? If your business only ships small packages occasionally, the U.S. Postal Service is probably the most affordable shipping option for packages weighing less than two pounds....
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