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The key factors which are timely, accurate and competitively priced service. Everyday, UPS has invested in technology a lot during the business. Its computer systems ensured UPS’s customers an excellent service. Besides, UPS reduce the costs that customer’s information such as location and contents of the package. The major risk associated with this industry is the pushing price down and squeezing margins. Furthermore, the human factor which workers for delivery should also take into account. Moreover, UPS strategy of expansion to other counties may be threaded by changes in political alliances between the counties involved in the shipping process.

It is presenting a great performance. It has over 340000 employees, 149000 delivery vehicles, 500 planes, and $25 billion in annual revenues. It is the largest parcel delivery company in the world. It delivered about 13 million packages every business day to over 200 counties worldwide. To drive this performance, some factors should be taken into account. Firstly, it has upgrade the technology and changing in marketing strategy. Moreover, human resources management programs were implemented in order to promote its own staff and move them forward inside the company. Q3,

FedEx is performing well. The 1999 sales have grown by 5.67% compared to the previous year and the net profit margin is 15.08% on the year end 1999. The return on assets was around 20% on 1999. The original company has been to deliver goods overnight and time bound deliveries are its main selling point. It offers a wide range of products that target customers with different needs. After its acquisition of RPS, it stars migrating to the market mostly dominated by UPS, the ground movement of small partial. It may represent a risk for UPS and affect its performance.

The key factors are its size, the increasing revenues from its international operations and the increasing sales of its supply chain solutions. The investor also...
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