Uprisings in Egypt 2011

Topics: Revolution, Demography, Population Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Project: You are employed as a researcher by a Centre for Political Studies that is conducting research on the current upheavals in the Middle East. Your group have been asked to examine the situation which led to the revolution in Egypt and unlock its underlying causes singling out the critical problems. State your opinion and give reasons about whether similar accumulation of problems might ignite revolution in any country.

To: Centre for Political Studies
From: Umedzoda,Farangis
Subject: Upheavals in the Middle East
Date: 4th October
The aim of this report is to present the analysis ofthe situation which led to the revolution in Egypt and unlock its underlying causes singling out the critical problems; in order to identify the similar accumulation of problems which might ignite revolution in any country. The data for the analysis has been collected from the statistics of international organization under UN which provide a lot of evidences on the topic. Demographic transition or youth bulge

Jack Goldstone points out that «the rapid growth of youth can undermine existing political coalitions, creating instability. Most recent revolutions in developing countries—have occurred where exceptionally large youth bulges were present». In the case of Egypt, in 1970s its oil industry attracted more positive money flow and the country began to thrive economically. This prosperity allowed the government to introduce a stimulus economic policy – more public spending in order to ensure better living condition for people. Both education system and health care were rapidly developing. As a result, the general death rate plummeted down. Over and above, a sharp decline in fatality rate against the background of rapid population growth led to a demographic boom. The biggest group now are not children but youth aged 15 -25, who are better educated, highly urbanized, far more exposed to the outside world and much less patient. They are ambitious...
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