Uppsala Model

Topics: Leadership, Management, Douglas McGregor Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: January 13, 2013
One of most significant skill of management organisation is leadership. Companies cannot be successful without good leader. This assignment considers the case study of NHS management which have problems in different areas. Doctors have many problems with managers and another section that manual workers have problems with their job. From the cases study, we can encounter the management in the UK hospital is not good enough. we also apply theories to look for a solution. This assignment will illustrate the problems of two groups of employees in the UK hospital and apply path-goal theory, participatory theory and theories X and Y to help look for a solution for particular problems. This case study is in UK hospital. Employees have problems with their job and colleagues. In this case, most important concern for doctors are patients. They do not mind to spent money to help patients but they have several problems with managers because the managers need them to save budget for the hospital and managers disagree with doctor decisions about patient care. Doctors have to do admin work such as records for patient which is not their job and also manager asked them to do things not related to medical duties. For example: public relations, making hospital good image and advertisement. Manual workers also have problems with their job in the hospital because manager cut budget for cleaning and hygiene so hospital is at risk of disease. Managers did not set central control for the manual workers so they do not know the direction of work and their job is not suitable. Communications and instructions from doctor and nurses are not clear. The path-goal theory of leadership was developed to describe the way that leaders support and encourage their employees. Leadership style in the path-goal theory can be different by personal trait and the situation in the workplace. This leader has to remove obstacles and clarify the direction for subordinates and persuade the follower...
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