Upgrading Cybercafe and Intalling Cloning Software

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Analysis and Plan Enhancing Stage
Design Method
In planning for enhancement of the cybercafé server and system cloning the researcher use star topology for the networking, handy café for the new client-server software and tune up utility. Table 1. Developing process for the proposed enhancement

Process| Task|
1. Network topology| In this point the researchers will search about the accurate network topology that can use in this study| 2. Server and Client Computer system requirement| After searching the accurate network topology, by these method the problems of the customers and management using the current system were identified and serve as system specification, that to be change. (if you have a higher specification the more games can you install)| 3. Cybercafé Server| After identifying the problems of the system specifications, the researcher used investigation method, by this method the problems of the management using current cybercafé server were identified. | 4. Utility Software| Next process is to choose what the top utility software in the market is. It also serves as easy maintaining the computers.| 5. Cloning Software| After choosing the top utility software, it came to choose what the best cloning system in the market is; thru this formatting or restoring file came easy.| 6. Enhancement implementation and computer unit testing| Then after choosing the right software, through resting the researchers will determine if the computer units is appropriate to the specification.|

Data Gathering Procedure
The researchers conducted an investigation and observation method to collect information and to determine the answers to the particular problem.
The primarily gathering tool was a computer system unit investigation and observation of the performance to the computer. In this way the researcher analyze the performance of the current system of the LMG Game Zone & Internet Café. Network topology

The researcher use the same topology (star topology), the researcher find out that the star topology is the appropriate networking using the client-server.
The researcher also finds out that star network, each node (file server, workstation, and peripherals) is connected to a central device called a hub. The hub takes a signal that comes from any node and passes it along to all the other nodes in the network. Data on a star network passes through the hub, switch, or concentrator before continuing to its destination. The hub, switch, or concentrator manages and a control all functions of the network the star topology reduces the chance of network failure by connecting all of the systems to a central node.

Advantage of star topology

• Easy to manage
• Easy to locate problems (cable/workstations)
• Easier to expand than a bus or ring topology.
• Easy to install and wire.
• Easy to detect faults and to remove parts.

System requirement and analysis

System specification
With the collected data and gathered information, from the investigation of the researcher, the enhancement of the system was reached. Below are the list of tables that show the hardware and software specification.

Table 2. Hardware Server Specification
Hardware| Minimum| Recommended|
Processor| AMD Sempron| AMD Athlon II|
Memory (RAM)| 1 GB DDR 2| 2 GB DDR 3|
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)| 120 GB| 500 GB|
Monitor| 15 inches CRT| 15 inches LCD|
Motherboard| Asrock N68C-S UCC| Asrock N68C-S UCC|
Power supply| 24 pin ATX – 550-w| 24 pin ATX-550-w|
Keyboard| PS/2 standard/USB| PS/2 standard/USB|
Mouse| PS/2 standard/USB| PS/2 standard/USB|
Video Card (Graphic Card)| 2 GB| 2 GB|
Printer| HP Disk jet D2500| HP Disk jet D2500|
Table 2 shows the hardware specification with its minimum and recommended specification. This was listed down to ensure the best benefit of a system. By using recommended hardware, the server unit will run faster...
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