Upgrade Re-Hosting Version Upgrade-Challenges and Best Practices

Topics: Software engineering, Computer, System software Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Software updates present a difficult challenge to the software maintenance process. Too often, updates result in failures, and users face the uncomfortable choice between using an old stable version which misses recent features and bug fixes, and using a new version which improves the software in certain ways, only to introduce other bugs and security vulnerabilities. Following are the challenges and best practices in Version upgrade of ERP/ Software.

* Times bound activity to be completed off business hours * Losing the stability and security of older versions.
* Effective way to revert to older version in case version upgrade fails * Testing all the functionality and integration with other software. * Data Loss from database and avoiding garbage data to enter database. Best Practices

* Determine Your Upgrade Path
* Treat Your Upgrade Activity as a Formal Company Project * Build an Upgrade Team with Broad and Complementary Skills * Decide When to Change or Add Business Processes
* Get Current Product and Upgrade Information
* Escalate and Resolve Problems as Appropriate and in time. * Prepare the Organization for the change that will face after upgrade. * Adopt Most Current Developmental Toolsets
* Prepare a Go Live Checklist
* Understand and Mitigate upgrade Risks
* Calculate New Hardware Sizing
* Identify Custom Code and Scripting are in place after up gradation * Defragment and Reorganize Your Database
* Study and Adhere to Current Minimum Technical Requirements * Install Verification
* Get Specific Technical Training from Service/ Software provider * Test with a Copy of the Production Database
* End user Training if new functionality is added or existing functionality is modified. * Decide Testing Scope
* Deciding to Go Live after upgrade

Conclusion: Software updates are an integral part of the software development and maintenance...
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