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Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Observation Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: October 31, 2014

The Scientific Method:
Observation Making observations that could provide an enquiry Aim/Hypothesis Predict/guess what would happen
Experiment/Test Your actual experiment to test your guess/hypothesis Results/Data collection These results can be presented in charts tables or/and graphs Conclusion The final idea which connects your results to the original hypothesis/guess Using Bunsen burners:

Connect gas pipe to tap
Make sure air hole is shut
When ready turn gas tap on
Qualitative or Quantitative:
Observations when conducting a scientific investigation
“Qualitative”: are observations that describe the qualities of something. We use our senses to observe the results. What something looks like? What colour? Smells like? “Quantitative”: Involve counting or measuring and give us numerical data. How tall are students in class? What is the temperature of the water change? Variables:

Independent Variable: (INPUT) the variable we change in an experiment. It’s not affected by other factors. Dependant variable: (OUTPUT) the variable that we measure. It depends on other factors such as the independent variable that we change. Controlled variables: The variable that we keep the same to make sure they don’t affect the variable that we are measuring. Fair test:

We only change one variable and keep all others the same
Graph skills
Plot this data as a line graph: Remember:
Independent variable on the horizontal axis
Dependent variable on vertical axis
Numbers on the axis go up evenly
Label the axis and include units
Plot the data as crosses
Draw a smooth line
Write a full title which includes both axis
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