Up in the Air Reaction

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Potential topics/subject matter (two total) for Up in the Air response/reaction paper’s theme: how the film relates to the contemporary economic situation in this country.
1. taking risks without knowing the outcomes i. when Ryan walks out on his big “What’s in Your Backpack?” speech to go see Alex ii. when Ryan sadly accepts the Internet method of firing that Natalie develops iii. Ryan’s speech to his future brother-in-law (“Life is better with company…everyone needs a co-pilot”)
2. how companies treat loyal employees i. ageism—firing older people (the scene in Detroit) ii. loyalty not repaid to employees iii. Bingham’s company’s success is based on other companies’ failures/hardships
3. the uses and misuses of technology i. Natalie’s boyfriend breaks up with her via text message ii. Natalie develops a method for firing people via Internet iii. Natalie quits via text message(people are hypocritical with the use of technology iv. Ryan and Natalie are the reverse of each other in their personal and professional lives
4. how different generations use and respond to technology i. Ryan is face-to-face, uses “old fashioned” writing in a paper letter ii. Natalie communicates via computer, Internet, and text messaging iii. most people getting fired in the film are not younger (and sometimes are replaced by computer)
5. Is this a comedy with tragic moments or a tragedy with comic moments?
6. personal attachments and detachments i. Ryan is detached from his family, but realizes that he should be closer (during the wedding) ii. he calls his “What’s in Your Backpack” ideas his philosophy iii. when he finally takes a risk, he is burned and rejected iv. He is attached to his “loyalty” and frequent flyer miles’ goal of 10 million more than any one person v. He donates 1 million to his sister and her husband—his grand gesture of generosity to people who would really want them
7. the contradictions of loyalty i. Ryan is

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