unstable economic growth

Topics: Unemployment, Business cycle, Inflation Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: October 30, 2013

Unstable Economic Growth
Today’s economy in the U.S has been improving, but the economy grows slowly and many economists concern about the economic growth of instability possibly leading the U.S to face economic recession. According to Dougherty’ article, even though output of economy has risen 1.5%, unemployment rate increased 8.3% during the same period of time. Both of increasing unemployment and slow economic growth which affects customers’ consumption basically target the U.S market and disturb the performing of economic cycle. In addition, Joshua Shapiro, an economist at MFR Inc, mentioned about the time of recovery from recession that U.S has been spending long period of time to buster up economy, and is still working on that. Critical Analysis

Rising unemployment rate would influence the U.S to be fallen into an economic recession. Especially, unemployment affects directly an economic recession in term of supply and demand. For example, when people do not work, they would spend less money than before. Therefore, the business cycle would be stuck, and it would eventually lead to repeat an economic recession. In my opinion, since the author of article explains that economy has been increasing in the U.S, rising unemployment rate should not be a big problem. For example, if all people have jobs, there is going to be inflation. Therefore, I think current unemployment rate would not be an obstacle unless the U.S economy goes back steps. Critical Question

Even though many economists suggest that rising unemployment rate and the long term of recovery possibly bring the U.S into recession, the U.S economy has been getting better than last few months. I think it just need more time for the recovery. Today’s U.S economy is not going by alone. It is cycling in terms of international trading. In the article, Dougherty mentioned about international economy issues such as oil. However, what if the U.S did not face any global economic issue? The...
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