Unscop Arab-Israeli Paper

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Arab- Israeli Essay


The following study addresses the problems, tried solutions and consequences the UNSCOP (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) provided to the Arab Nationalism and Jewish Nationalism in Palestine during 1948. This plan was soughting to address two main problems, distribution of land, and security for all the minority groups to be safe as well as retrieving of the United Kingdom from Palestine.

Arab-Israeli UNSCOP Issue
The UNSCOP (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) was a plan mainly of distribution, partition and justice between disagreeing minorities for the future of the Palestine Government. It was mainly described as an economic union that would led to the invent of independent Arab, Jewish, and City of Jerusalem after the British mandate. The features of this plan to address the Arab-Israeli relations were really simple, consisted in partition independence and termination of mandate and proposed boundaries for each state.

Since, there were problems with the majority and minority groups regarding the independence, distribution and power the intent of this plan was needed and implemented by the United Nations in a hope for better.

The United Nations Partition Plan would mainly fight to address the problems between the two main competing movements Arab Nationalism and Jewish Nationalism. The plan was divided into two parts, the part one of the plan contained first the termination of the mandate of United Kingdom, It stated that United Kingdom would retire; retrieve all their troops and ways of mandate from Palestine from a designated date, in this case no later than August 1st 1948. Part two of the plan was a description of the boundaries, the way they would split, distribute the lands between the movements and create the states, also part two addressed protection of rights of minorities.

There were some reactions regarding this intent by the United Nations, The plan was accepted by the...

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