Unready to Wear

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, 2007 albums Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: February 13, 2007
In the story of "Unready to Wear", it focuses on the negative aspects of "wearing" a body. Some of these negative characteristics include, having to bathe it, feed it, get it vaccinated, and keep it in shape. For those who do not care for the body, are called "amphibians", people who are one with their psyche. Although, being amphibious may be less of a hassle, there are also many positive aspects of "wearing" a body. Just because you float around without "wearing" a body, doesn't mean you'll undergo the true emotion and the unexplainable sensation you get when you're in a body. For example, people who skydive, drag race or go river rafting live for the adrenaline rush that you physically feel. In addition, anyone "wearing" a body can experience so much more than simply a feel or being in that moment. Like those who are very affectionate and enjoy the experience of physical attraction, they would not choose to be amphibious, because they like the feel of their lovers' body, and they literally undergo an emotion that nothing else can create. Besides being able to feel, in general, people love to live. Those simples things in life, and being able to smell freshly baked cookies, feeling the wind glide across your face, and seeing a love one happy, it's those things that make a life worth living. When you live you learn, it's a story that ends with beginnings, makes us laugh and cry. It's a person called ‘spontaneous', and when you're a mind there's nothing worse then not having it follow you back home. People who chose to be ‘amphibious' are afraid of it, they fear change and death. It is what everyone goes through, life is life, if you are a psyche, what in the world can you do? Live forever, and then what? It's the question that amphibious people with be asked, "What happens next?"
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