Unot 4 Cache Childcare

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Unit 4
For this critria i will be talking about the legistation which influences an healthy safe enviroment in early years setting. The first piece of legislations I will be identifying is the health and safety at work act 1974,all employers have legal responsibilits under this act. This means that all employers must meet rules to make everybody safe in their work and they must be carefull there is no risk or injury to anybody. Everybody in a setting has the responsibility to of the health and safety of anybody who is their. Secondly IS COSSH which stands for the control of substances hazardous to health.Regulations2006 say that say that substances which may cause somebody to be ill or injured, all of these substances should be stored and used correctly examples the substances are bleach, cleaning products, paint ect. Any dangerous materials must have lables on the showing what the dangers are and need to be kept in a locked cupboard . Next i will be identifying RIDDOR 1995 which stands for the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations.Tthis requires work-related accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences to be reported, it is for all work activites but dosent apply to all incidents.

The motor vehicles (wearing of seat belts) ( amendment) regulations 2006 states that since September 2006 babies and chidren have to be properly restrained in cars and other vehicles until the age of 13 so if settings wish to go on an outing/trip using cars they will need to follow this legistation.

The last piece of legislation I will be talking about is the child care act 2006-statutory framework for the early years foundation stage(EYFS) this is includes safguiding the welfair of children, having suitable premises, environment and equiptment these standard became Part of the statutory frame work for the EYFS(tassoni p childcare and education level 3 2007)

In this section I will be describing the procedures which keep children safe from accidents illnesses or emergencies. Firstly if a child receives a bump to the head staff should keep a record of the incident, they do not need to inform Ofsted. Staff should apply a cold compress to the bump and keep an eye on the child watching out for sings of concussion, headaches vomiting dizziness’s or drowsiness which may accrue for more serious head injury.

If I child in the setting is having s asthma attack or have difficulty when breathing first of all you should make sure they are in comfortable position preferably somewhere quiet without any children crowding round and if they have a inhaler let them use it as many times as prescribed

When a child has sickness and diarrhoea you should give them regular sips of water or a rehydrating solution like diarolyte. You should stop them having food and milk for 24 hours until their stomach is settled when diarrhoea]re introduce half strength milk and gradually food.

If a child in the setting has symptoms off meningitis you should call a doctor as soon as it is suspected. The rash which may occur in meningitis is very distinctive and can be recognised by doing the glass test which is pressing a glass over the rash and if it is caused by meningitis unlike other rashes it will NOT fade. (Tassoni p childcare and education level 3 2007)

Time| Activity task| comments|
9.00 am| Settle in on arrival| Sing in|
10.30am| Snack time| Bananas( Record in diary) and milk| 1045am| Nappy change| Record in diary|
11.00am| Outside play| |
11.20am| Free play| |
11.40am| Song time| And nappychange|
12.00pm| Dinner time| Record in diary|
12.45| Sleep time| Record in diary|
2.30| Snack time| Record in diary|
3.00| Nappy change and free play| Record nappy change in diary| 4.00| Tea| Record in diary|
4.30| Home time| Sing out|

Time| Activity task| Comments|
8.00 am| Settle in on arrival| Sing in...
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