Unnaturalness of Bahasa Indonesia Language Translation of the Holy Koran

Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: December 23, 2008
Translation should produce an easily understandable text, with a natural language. This includes the translation of holy text. Koran is written in Arabic, but its readers are all Moslems in the world, and they have a variety of language backgrounds, including those living in Indonesia. The translated text of Koran in Bahasa Indonesia shows many sentences that are difficult to understand, and the language is just not normal. This fact leads to the conduct of the research intended to find out: 1) types of unnaturalness, 2) the factors making the unnaturalness and 3) the solution for the unnaturalness. Applying the descriptive-qualitative approach, this study used the content analysis on the translation of Koran into Indonesian, and to compare it to its source text, Koran. The analysis is conducted semantically. The analysis proves that there are five kinds of the unnaturalness: redundancy of expression, the improper expression, the misarranged words, the parallelism violation, and the inappropriate grammaticality. These problems are resulted from two factors: 1) the literal translation which is so firmly applied that it keeps the rules of source text to realize in the target text, 2) the translator seems to be ignorant on the structure of target text. And the problem solution of them are: 1) the redundancy is revised by omitting the unnecessary elements, 2) the improper expression is solved by finding more appropriate ones, 3) the reconstruction is done to the misarranged words, 4) the violation of parallelism is handled by changing the construction to have the same form of clauses in sentence, 5) the inappropriate grammaticality is corrected by replacing the element with the right ones.
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