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Directory of Brazilian Life Science Companies
Companies that develop/commercialize transgenic seeds and plants, biological pest control, plant cloning, molecular diagnostic, biofertilizers, genetic improvement, catalysts and bioenergy companies. AgroGenética Brief description: AgroGenética operates in the identification and quantification of transgenic products and detection of residues in feed products. Telephone: +55 (31) 3891-0817 City: Viçosa State: Minas Gerais Contact: Wilton Marota de Souza Occupation: Administrative Director Contact’s telephone: +55 (31) 3891-0817 E-mail: wmarota@agrogenetica.com.br Website: www.agrogenetica.com.br Alellyx Brief description: Development of genetic modified varieties of sugar-cane, eucalyptus and citrus. The company was recently acquired by Monsanto. Telephone: +55 (19) 3783-9412 City: Campinas State: São Paulo Contact: Paulo Arruda Occupation: Director Contact’s telephone: +55 (19) 3783-9412 E-mail: paulo.arruda@alellyx.com.br Website: www.alellyx.com.br

BioControle Brief description: Biological products for pest control and agricultural diseases. The company applies pheromones to monitor and control agricultural pests and stored products. Telephone: +55 (11) 3834-1627 City: São Paulo State: São Paulo Contact: Ari Gitz Occupation: Director Contact’s telephone: +55 (11) 3834-1627 E-mail: ari@biocontrole.com.br Website: www.biocontrole.com.br

Biojan-MG Brief description: Production of Jatropha curcas (Barbados nut, Physic nut) seeds. Telephone: +55 (11) 4496-3254 City: Janaúba State: Minas Gerais Contact: Nagashi Tominaga Occupation: Director Contact’s telephone: +55 (11) 4496-3254 E-mail: biojan@yahoo.com.br

BioResult Brief description: Breed and multiplication of wasps (Cotesia flavipes) in laboratory to control the sugarcane borer (Diatraea saccharalis). Telephone: +55 (18) 3366-2008 City: Quatá State: São Paulo Contact: Odete da S. Santos Alves Occupation: Director Contact’s telephone: +55 (18) 3366-2008 E-mail: odetessa@uol.com.br Website: www.bioresult.com.br

BUG Brief description: Parasitoids for biological pest control. Telephone: +55 (19) 3435-7435 City: Piracicaba State: São Paulo Contact: Diogo Rodrigues Carvalho Occupation: Director Contact’s telephone: +55 (19) 3435-7435 E-mail: diogo@bugbrasil.com.br Website: www.bugbrasil.com.br

Canavialis Brief description: Genetic improvement of sugar-cane. The company was recently acquired by Monsanto. Telephone: +55 (19) 3512-4000 City: Campinas State: São Paulo Contact: Tatiana Gonçalves Occupation: Commercial and Marketing Manager Contact’s telephone: +55 (19) 3512-4000 E-mail: tatiana.goncalves@canavialis.com.br Website: www.canavialis.com.br

Cetma Brief description: Biological Pest Control. Telephone: +55 (14) 3263-0831 City: Lençóis Paulista State: São Paulo Contact: Antonio Marino Coneglian Occupation: Partner Contact’s telephone: +55 (14) 3263-0831 E-mail: marino@cetma.com.br Website: www.cetma.com.br

Fungibras Brief description: Production of seed inoculants and subtracts for mushroom cultivation and commercialization of edible and medicinal mushrooms. Telephone: +55 (14) 3815-2255 City: Botucatu State: São Paulo Contact: Frederico Eira Occupation: Director Contact’s telephone: +55 (14) 3815-2255 E-mail: frederico@fungibras.com.br Website: www.fungibras.com.br

Grannar Sementes Brief Description: The company is specialized in agricultural seeds improvement and commercialization of grains. Telephone: +55 (66) 3531-2969 City: Sinop State: Mato Grosso Contact: Marcio Weber Occupation: Commercial Department Contact´s Telephone: +55 (66) 9995-1102 E-mail: marciogrannar@hotmail.com Website: www.grannar.com.br

Interacta Quimica Brief Description: The company produces and commercializes pheromone and other products for pest control Telephone: +55(82) 3214-1503 / 9982-8097 City: Maceió State: Alagoas Contact: Henrique Fonseca Goulart Occupation: Director Contact´s Telephone: +55(82)...
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