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Topics: Soul, Montessori method, Eye Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: June 9, 2014
Creative is almost synonymous. Today creativity is sought in workplace. How does Montessori educate the creative potential of the child? Montessori was herself criticized in which she says “so called free drawing has no place in my system”. The Montessori approach is more complex. It can be described as an indirect preparation. She said to confer the gift of drawing we must create an eye that sees, a hand that obeys and a soul that feels; and in this task the whole life must cooperate. In the book Discovery of the Child Pg 285 Montessori said “we do not teach drawing by drawing, but by providing an opportunity to pertain the instruments and materials so that the hand trained at young age is used for fine instruments, such as pencil or brush to refine coordination of three figures grip and there is no need to use crayons or marker or primary pencil. This all things are not required. Montessori says “We know that the best way to teach drawing is, to not leave the child completely free but to provide the natural development by training the hand which will spontaneously manifest the child.” The child’s drawing will not be hindered by lessons given to him to help him draw; and to avoid the loss of interest in drawing we need to provide his environment with the means of expression (artist supplies like paper, paint, glue). Indirectly prepare his hands to carry out functions for drawings. Their eyes observe things with greater accuracy which comes from sensorial; and their hand become more skilled and flexible. The child will attain his goal towards which nature urges him to express himself with greater happiness after drawing. The eyes are trained to see and make the fine discrimination of shape, size and color of the sensorial material and given rich sensorial material to draw. A soul that feels is what we are born with. The soul is allowed to develop normally, naturally by any other form of emotional damage. No boredom is capable of...
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