Unjust Laws of Today

Topics: Education, Psychology, University Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Christina Argula
Prof. Trapp


At the very beginning of the movie it seem like Dr. Bryant did really want to teach any one.

Because he told his literature class that the sun was shining and they should be making love.

But if you’ll a professor its your job to teach your students regardless if you want to or not. You cant let your personal problems affect your job.

Dr. Bryant didn’t want to teach at the begining . He said it was because of the hours of the university.

But Rita demanded that he tutor her in literature.

Well I guess she won because he started teaching her literature.

Rita had a low self-esteem when first started her tutoring,

She didn’t think that she could as smart as the students at the university.

As time went by rita became more confident in her self and her self-esteem went through the roof.

She soon found out that she could have a conversation with the students,;

She knew things that they didn’t know and I believe that made her feel very smart.

Soon the students wanted susan to hang out with them and talk literature.

She reminds me of my self in a lot of way , I never really feel smart until I came here to the college of new Rochelle.

I do believe anyone can learn ,there isn’t any such thing of stupid people , I just think some people learn quicker than others like my self

It took me to come to college to realize that I do have a brain. That I was smarter than I ever thought.

If a person is confident than they know they will achieve everything they want in life.
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