Unix/Windows Hardware Requirements

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Compare and contrast the hardware requirements of the operating systems Typical minimum requirements for a Windows OS installation: * 1 GHz x86 processor
* 1 GB of RAM
* 1 GB of disk space
* Video card and Color monitor capable of displaying 16-bit colors * Mouse or other similar peripheral
Typical minimum requirements for a Unix installation:
* Processor: Intel: Pentium or Xeon; AMD: Duron, Athlon, Athlon XP, Athlon MP, Athlon 64, Sempron or Opteron. * 128 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)
* 256 MB of disk space
* Monochome monitor
Attempting to contrast the hardware requirements between the two operating systems is not that straightforward. While Windows OS all have the same hardware requirements for each installation Unix does not. The hardware requirements for Unix installations can vary greatly depending on the capabilities of the particular Unix OS. One striking difference between both OS is that Windows installations are limited to Intel and Intel-compatible processors and only certain machine architectures such as PCs. Unix operating systems on the other hand are platform independent and work on a wide variety of processors and machine architectures from a Macintosh to a mainframe.

Memory and processing requirements for the operating system hardware also differ greatly, largely due in part to the distinct difference in the user interfaces used by both applications. Unlike Windows and their famous Windows GUI, Unix utilizes a command line interface which uses substantially less resources than its counterpart. This is a large contributor to the difference in hardware processing requirements needed to run the Unix OS.
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