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This critique will be utilized as a roadmap to address the benefits and disadvantages of using UNIX within Riordan Manufacturing organization. Scope
Team B is to: a) study Riordan’s current telephone and data networks, b) develop recommendations that, if followed, will improve the efficiency of Riordan’s systems, c) recover/reuse operational budgets to minimize conversion expenses, and d) complete the project within budget, schedule constraints, and communicate all the tasks involved in the project. Objectives

The objective of this Linux critique is to address the benefits and disadvantages of Linux in the organizations computing environment. Performance:
An increase in systems performance based on requirements of the business objectives. Budget:
Team B will recommend to Riordan Manufacturing management a MS Windows/UNIX critique and presentation that would cover system implementation as well as the potential for decommissioning and reuse of existing compatible resources, and if any potential cost savings. In addition, Team B’s recommendation will project the following: •Internal/external expenses.

Initial investment cost.
Continued service and maintenance cost.
Team B proposes the following phases:

Phase 1
Prepare a critique and presentation that addresses the benefits and disadvantages of using UNIX® or Linux® versus Windows Server® within Riordan Manufacturing.Five Weeks

Phase 2
Research UNIX features which include security, administration, networking, performance, programmability, and additional elements.ProgrammabilityThree Weeks

Phase 3
Final review and presentation of UNIX and integration services.One Week

Team B will look at who and how personnel are interacting with current business processes. We look at the current complexities of the network infrastructure and its utilization to facilitate business processes. Team B will document the current systems environment. We will also document the final proposed UNIX environment for technical comparison. Proposed recommendations will involve all system integrations, acquisitions, and consolidations deemed necessary. Results

Team B’s recommendations will provide a way for Riordan to improve its existing system through effective analysis of the comparison of MS Windows and UNIX. Our recommendations will provide productivity improvements, quality, security, and meet or exceed business objective expectations as well as lower related operational costs while maintaining consistent quality service levels.

The Riordan Manufacturing organization consists of four separate operating facilities that are in San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hangzhou, China. Communications and the ability to share data among these locations are vital structures in maintaining its success. As Riordan Manufacturing continues to grow, the current system is proving to be less efficient and costly. Because of this, Team B was tasked with a request that involves reviewing the current UNIX/Windows environment for all locations and recommending any changes deemed necessary. Team B will follow a methodical order of analysis as we address each system modification possibility.

The operating system contains programs that interface between the user, processor and applications software. It provides the primary means of managing the sharing and use of computer resources such as processors, random access memory (RAM), disk storage, and I/O devices. Most modern operating systems such as Microsoft Windows have also expanded the basic OS functionalities to include capabilities for a more efficient operation of system and applications software. Operating systems vary in terms of performance. For example, the techniques used to manage resources, the type of computer and its intended use, internal/external influences, and network...

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