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Post-secondary Applications

Presented to: Miss Barry
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Ecole secondaire Norval Morrisseau
Tuesday, October 6th 2014
University of Toronto: University of Toronto located in Toronto was originally funded as King’s college back in 1827 has since evolved to one of Canada’s top universities and it’s now ranked amongst the world’s top 20 universities. The university is noted for its influential movements and it’s also very academically inclined. Website:

Faculty: The Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Medicine. Program and deparment: Human Biology
The University of Toronto offers more than 700 programs. Its most popular programs include; Management, Psychology, English and Human biology. But the program that interests me the most is human biology. The Program offers five undergraduate specialist programs and seven major programs to Arts & Science students. The human biology program is the study of human body parts and the functions in detail. The human biology program involves courses from the medical sciences, biological and social sciences, as well as humanities. The goal of the program is to provide knowledge involving biology, chemistry and a choice of psychology, physics or mathematics. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to go into the work force or pursue further studies in this department.  Mandatory courses: Students who are interested in studying human biology should complete courses in biology (BIO 120H1 and BIO130H1), chemistry (CHM 138H1 and CHM139H1), calculus (MAT 135H1 and MAT136H1) physics, (PHY131H1 and PHY132H1) and psychology (PSY100H1) [especially Neuroscience].  Once you’re done first year and you’re able to major in Human Biology these are the mandatory courses to take: First Year:

1. Choose 6 courses out of the 15 available: (BIO120H1+BIO130H1), Chemistry (CHM138H1+CHM139H1)/CHM151Y1 (JMB170Y1/(MAT135H1,MAT136H1)/(PHY131H1+PHY132H1)/(PHY151H1+PHY152H1)/PSY100H1/VIC170Y1/VIC171Y12 Second Year:

1. All courses listed are mandatory: HMB265H1/BIO260H1, BCH210H1, (BIO220H1+BIO230H1/BIO255H1) Third Year:
1. Choose 2 out of the 9 courses available: (BIO251H1+BIO270H1/BIO271H1/PSL300H1/PSL301H1)/(BIO270H1+BIO271H1)/(PSL300H1+PSL301H1) 2. Choose 2 out of the 7 courses available: BIO; BOT; EEB; CSB; HMB*; PSY; ZOO 3.Chose 2 out of the 10 courses available: ANA; BCH; HMB*; IMM; LMP; MGY; NFS; NRS; PCL; PSL Each course of these 3.0 FCEs must have a final mark of at least 60%, and students must have an average on the 3.0 of at least 70% to be eligible Residences

Lorretto house: Living on residence doesn’t seem to be the best option since I live in Toronto with my mom but if it did come down to it, a residence that would interest me would be the Loretto house, which is a female only student housing. The Loretto house is located on the east side of campus in the heart of downtown Toronto and is very close to public transportation. This residence provides many features such as 3 meals a day, the house is fully furnished, there’s air conditioned rooms with in suite bathrooms, and double rooms are available for first year students. All rooms have a cleaning service and a large, quiet study hall is available where you can go and study or do homework. Rooms are comfortable with large windows, desks, dressers, bookcases, and storage rooms. The rooms also have internet access, and television is available for student who can afford this service. A meal plan is also included. Living in this residence with all features all adds up to $10,975-$11,500, paid in two installments at the start of each semester. Woodsworth College: Woodsworth housing is co-ed in a shared-apartment-style residence. The residence is located on Bloor street west and it’s the largest college/residence in the Faculty of Arts and Science on the St. George Campus. This residence comes with self-contained individual apartments of 4-6...
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