university segregation in kuwait

Topics: Female, Male, Gender Pages: 4 (1049 words) Published: October 18, 2014
University Segregation in Kuwait
Since the year 2003, the minister of education implemented gender segregation in all universities in Kuwait. A big deal was made after this was announced. Some people agreed, and others disagreed. People that didn’t think segregation in universities was necessary wrote many controversial articles in the newspapers. Girls and boys need to learn how to interact with each other, because they will end up working together in the future. Another issue segregation causes is the limited space. There are only a few universities in Kuwait, and the size of the campuses barely fits all of the students. Some people might not realize, but segregating girls and boys in class makes a big difference, and has many effects. The first and main reason why students in university shouldn’t be segregated is because of the experience. For example, if a girl goes to an all girl school her whole life, and then goes to university in Kuwait, and doesn’t interact with boys in a class room its going to affect her in the future. She might not know how to speak to a male comfortably. The same goes with males. Males and females are going to work with each other after they graduate, so it makes sense if they started working with each other in university. Some people might think that putting girls and boys in the same class might be inappropriate, but if everyone keeps things professional there will not be a problem. Diana Elias quoted in her article a professor in Kuwait University saying "It is very sad to make students feel that mixing with the opposite sex is immoral and that they cannot be trusted to be with one another," in an interview. She is completely correct and students should not feel as if they are not trusted. It also doesn’t make sense to segregate classes in universities if there are private schools in Kuwait that have mixed classes. If students were able to go to a mix school, then they should continue, and go to a mix class university. It...
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