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Topics: Civil engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Engineering Pages: 23 (6498 words) Published: April 19, 2013

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Degree Code: F16 Duration: 5 Faculty/School/Institute offered: SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING

Introduction General Regulations Course Outline Course Description Further Information Entry Requirements

Course Description
FIRST YEAR OF STUDY - SEMESTER I FCE 101 - Communication Skills (45 hrs) For details see course CCS 004 under common undergraduate courses. FCE 103 - Development Process (45 hrs) For details see course CCS 001 under common undergraduate courses. FCE 131 - Physics IA (45 hrs) Mechanics and Properties of Matter : Introduction to dynamics: circular motion; simple harmonic motion (SHM); rotation of rigid bodies; Newton's Law of gravitation Introduction to statics: force systems on rigid bodies at rest: equilibrium: fluid statics. Introduction to properties of matter: elasticity in solids, viscosity in fluids, friction. Sound and Vibration: Introduction to Sound: Wave phenomenon; sound waves; velocity of sound. Introduction of vibration: Free vibrations of particles (SHM). Simple pendulum; free vibrations of rigid bodies. Heat Internal energy and temperature; phase changes of the pure substance. Isothermal and isobaric compressibility of gases, liquids and solids. Heat transfer: conduction, convention, and radiation Kinetic theory of gases: perfect gas equation; intermolecular forces, specific heats, and equipartition of energy. FCE 161 - Pure Mathematics IA (45 hrs) Numbers and Simple Functions The real number system and functions: complex numbers, inequalities, exponents, trigonometric functions, definitions and graphs, elementary trigonometric formulae. Sine and cosine rules. Analytical Geometry: Analytical geometry of lines and elementary conic section. Graphs and graph sketching. Differential Calculus: The derivative; derivatives of sums, products, quotients, chain rule, implicit differentiation, higher derivatives, rates of change. FCE 163 - Applied Mathematics IA (45 hrs) Kinematics of a Particles: Kinematics of a particle in a straight line, scalar and vector quantities, addition of vectors, unit vectors. Composition and resolution of velocities and accelerations, relative motion. Newton's laws of motion, applications to connected bodies, circular motion, projectiles. Simple Statics: The fundamental theorem of statics, including reduction of a plane system of forces, theorems of moments, conditions of equilibrium in a plane. Centre of gravity, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies under complanar forces, frameworks, Friction, coefficient of friction. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies: Moments and couples. Angular velocity and angular acceleration. Moment of Inertia. FCE 165 - Computer Science I (45 hrs) Objectives Student should understand the basic operations of a computer, to be able to operate a computer using basic and advanced DOS commands, prepare and present a document using a wordprocessor, prepare and present a spreadsheet, be able to learn how to…


use an application package along. Detailed Course Outline

University of Nairobi - Degree Programmes

Introduction to Computers: Role of computers in various applications (organisation e.g. banks, hospitals, factories, institutions, etc.), computer building blocks, computer hardware, input devices, storage devices, output devices, trends in computers development (Mainframe Computers - Minicomputers - Microcomputers (PCs) - Networking). Computer software:...
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