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Hi all,
Portfolios replace the exam of 2013!
It consist of 4 separate assignments (1 pagers) and appears in the learning units as section A, B, C and D of the Portfolio.  They count 20% of the final mark and has a subminimum of 50% to pass.  

Students must hand in the Portfolio as ONE UNIT or FOLDER.  
1) This folder will consist of Portfolio A (Word), Portfolio B (Word), Portfolio C (PowerPoint) and Portfolio D (Option of Word/PowerPoint) . 2) All 4 sections of your work should be saved in this folder in the proper file format. 3) Zip/compress the folder in order to upload properly to the assignment tab.  

If a student hand in only Section A, or B, C or D, the system will NOT accept another section.  
The due date to be announced ! 
All the best. 
Mr B MuteweyePortfolio Section D: Ethics, Copyright and IPR in Computer labsIn the normal course of their teaching duties, several lecturers have reported finding pirated software improperly installed on the computers in the computer labs. Lecturers also found that students have copied and pasted materials from various Internet resources into their own assignments and reproduced them as if they were their own. This, they find, is a common problem among their students. Before taking a decision on what should be done, lecturers asks you, as students, for your inputs to decision-making. Submit your answers to the following questions in either a one page Word document (aim for around 500 words) or a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 8 slides in the Assignments tool: What are the ethical and IPR issues that the faculty are confronted with? What are the steps that the faculty should take to address the ethical and IPR issues? If you were the student who copied and was caught for plagiarism, what are the consequences you would expect? Students who successfully complete this assignment will be able to present critical arguments around ICTs for development projects and demonstrate their capabilities...
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