Universal Truth

Topics: John von Neumann, Universe, Richard Feynman Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Agreement: Universal Truth
“Every achievement requires a sacrifice” proclaims itself to be a statement of true universal truth and value. The meaning behind it suffices on a very concrete application. It takes on the fact that all the sacrifices we make, including replacing moments of relaxation or any other activity irrelevant to the achievement we expect with progress towards achieving is accounted towards the end result simply accounts and adds up to the end result. I agree with this statement since I have observed achievement basically everywhere that I find to be a product of great work and making the right and most valuable choices. This quote is truly relevant to today’s world since there have been many examples that are seen in the external world, with its great variety of people. One of the aspects of the modern society which deeply reflects the sacrificial value behind an achievement would be the plethora of contributions given to us by the scientific and literary discoverers of the past. No one can simply describe the profundity each of them exhort in the presence of an inspired audience. It is not enough to see the writers such as Mark Twain or Sylvia Plath or scientists such as John Von Neumann or Richard Feynman as “Shakespeares”nor “Einsteins.” Their passion follows a different route from every-one else, diverted of all the normal ‘norms’ of society, and through such creates a whole new universe that we can finally envision. The fuel for their discoveries was mainly resultant from the allowing of their own passion to overcome all other desires. And in doing so, they have delved deep into the nature of nature and discovered something profound. Some have been born to have this indulging passion and see nothing else other than to dive into it, while others need to work their way up. This is why achievement for most is hard and sacrifice is much more harder. The connection between passion and sacrifice is that sacrifice is arbitrary when it comes...
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