Universal Health Care

Topics: Medicine, Health economics, Health care Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: September 23, 2007
Imagine waiting two to three years for a routine hip or knee replacment, or being an 8 year old child who has a serious health issue but not being able to receive proper health care due to inadequate or no insurance. Many people in America can not afford health insurance and face issues worse than this on a daily basis. Problems like these are issues that politicians are constantly working to come up with a solution to. One of the proposed solutions is universal healthcare. I will elaborate in the following paragraphs on why I think it is not the right answer. One of the biggest reasons against universal healthcare is the simple fact that the government would be in charge of it. This would include the same offices that currently run places such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Education, and Social Security. No government office can force the same amount of productivity out of each dollar that the private sector can. Everyone has been witness to the enormous lines at the DMV. The annual budget for 2007 California DMV is $908 million, and increases yearly. In comparison, the tasks the DMV has are nothing as to how complex a government run medical system would be. The private sector has more rewards to the individual for striving to be better in their respective field. A government employee generally has less of a reward for performing their job above par. Usually, they have a set schedule and do not get paid over-time or receive bonuses and promotions for a job well done. Government employees have extremely good job security where as in the private sector people have to constantly perform in order to keep their jobs because of competition and businesses that worry about their costs. Many government jobs take off for every holiday, and generally get more time off for each holiday. Private business owners often will be open on holidays or take less time off, because time is money. With the government in charge of everything under one health plan,...
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